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Hello Classmates of '61. Mark you calendars for our 50th Class Reunion - Sept 24, 2011.

This Blog - Class of 1961 - is a place for you to share your "Class Notes" and stories about days at Albion with your Classmates.  Send me an email (brucef39@yahoo.com) with an attachment (word processor or straight email) which I cut and paste (no editing unless I can't read it) into the Blog under one of the two links:  Class Notes or Class Stories.   I list these by classmate name / author name using your first name AND the first initial of your last name (from your Albion days).  Most of us remember those names.

If you need to contact the Alumni Office for more information, update your College Direction info, and register for the 50th Reunion, please call or email:    Marie Ames: 517-629-0208 or mames@Albion.edu.

The Reunion Welcoming Commitee and I look forward to seeing you and celebrating our 50th at 2011 Homecoming. We have a really big show in the works. Parade, Football, social hour, President's speech, and dinner with entertainment by Classmates. So put this on your calenar and REALLY try to come and join us celebrating our 50th!  Bruce Fitch '61
Welcoming Commitee:

Bob Andrews, Gail Hurst, Richard Hobe, Sue Fuller, John Vournakis, Marie deBeaumont and Stuart Rutter, Rev Harry T. Cook, Walt Urick. Special thanks to Susan Cowles for her advice.

Why use this Blog?

The blog is an easy way to share your Class Notes and Stories from your days at Albion with your Classmates  The format and content is yours.  You can write as much (within limits) or as little as you like.  The blog let's you share before the Reunion and it is easy to update when you need to. I hope this is "good" for you; it is easier than trying to read hard copy at the Reunion.

Several have asked about the use / role of the Blog after the Reunion.  That depends on you and your interest in sharing your activities and future with Classmates.  It could become a place to share interests, books, stories, etc.  Email me with your suggestons.