Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31st Note

Hi Classmates.   I have been getting early results from members on the September 23rd race to Albion and our 50th Class Reunion.  It seems I have missed the point of the Reunion.  So let me try to do better.

I've been reminded (by several of you) that our Reunion is about seeing Classmates, not about attending a football game (with an unknown opponent) and touring the campus (also bearely recongnized from the days ot 1961).  As one of us said - "I have the desire to reconnect with Classmates, to share experiences and interests, and exchange information".

My second letter missed this important point - too much about what to do and not enought about who to visit with and spend quality "catchup" time.

So the Welcoming Commitee and I are adjusting our views and activities.  Many of us will arrive by Friday - Sept 22 - and will get together at one of the restaurants in Albion for an early check-in and to begin our Reunion.

I will update the blog once a month (near month-end) and will include the restaurant location and time in my next (last) letter in July - early August.  I have also asked the Commitee to start working the phones to contact you.  That's a big job for 10 people, so I would like help from each of you.

My next post (in late June) will have either an ID and password for you to access the Albion Directory  (through the Albion.edu website) or the phone and email way to get your own personal ID and password.  Using this you can see all the Classmate information for contacts.

Some people only have snail mail addresses.  Others have email and/or telephone numbers. 

So far I have contacted about 30 to 40 of you.  This request is to those few who have said they do not plan to attend.  Try calling the 3 people in our Class you would most like to talk with.  Ask them if they are coming.  If one or more says yes - then rethink your decision.  Even if one of your favorite people is not coming, you will have made the reconnect.  That - in and of itself - is worth the effort.

As I was remined by several, it's the people that count.  Best wishes - Bruce